A Father's Love

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1000 Piece Puzzle - 28 x 20 inches

Verse on puzzle


You can measure a man
Not in silver or gold
It is in the love for his children
And how it is shown. 

You are the pillar of strength
But too humble to agree
Have the tenderness to mend my wings
And faith when I soar free.

A keeper of photographs
Treasured moments etched in time
A currency of life's joy
Abundantly brought to mind.

You praise every victory
Every milestone with pride
Pass no judgement when I stumble
You remain steady by my side.

I’m so proud to call you dad
And I pray you always know
That I cherish every memory
And your gracious soul.

The years pass so quickly now
And words escape me now and then
But I assure you with all my heart
You’re more than just my dad
… you’re the true measure of a man.

© Natalie Ducey

Image by Pixabay