A Mother's Love


1000 Piece Puzzle - 28 x 20 inches

Verse on puzzle


A mother's love is gracious
Finding treasures few others see
With tenderness and grace 
You inspired me to dream.

With a fire in my soul 
And passion in my step
I built a life piece by piece 
With no burden of regret. 

It wasn't always easy
I fell a time or two
Like a lighthouse in a storm 
You were there to guide me through. 

I can smile at my reflection 
Because you chose to believe
For a mother's love gave rise
 To my audacity to dream.

But words sometimes fail me 
So I pray you always know
That you are always in my heart 
And will be forever loved. 

© Natalie Ducey

Image by Sergio33 - used under Enhanced License from Shutterstock.com

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