Therapeutic Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Peace by Piece Puzzles was inspired by the realization that the simple act of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle can offer therapeutic benefits. It has been discovered that this favourite pastime, brought to light in the 1760’s, can simultaneously stimulate the brain, as well as act as a form of meditation, allowing the mind to relax. This simultaneous action has shown promising findings for people living with dementia, and can be a valuable source of reprieve for individuals living and coping with mental illness.

Peace of mind is a vital, fundamental gift that everyone deserves.  Our minds need to rest, to lay down the burden of our worries for a while. We need respite, not because we are weak, but because we are human.


These benefits, highlighted in numerous articles and testimonials are remarkable and simply too significant to ignore.
Below are a few resources explaining these claims.