Twin sisters using jigsaw puzzles to help people with PTSD.

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Twin sisters using puzzles to help people with PTSD


Local twin sisters are trying to help bring peace of mind to people with PTSD and they're doing it one piece at a time with jigsaw puzzles.

Nicole Osmond was working on a difficult puzzle about two years ago when she realized how relaxed it made her.

Fast forward to last year's Mental Health Week when she launched Peace by Piece Puzzles.

When complete, the puzzles reveal a motivational message written by Nicole's sister and poet Natalie Ducey.

Osmond told NEWS 95.7 she's been hearing a lot of positive feedback since they started and she's happy to hear from people who she's helped.

"I really enjoy those moments where you can really have a unique and individual conversation and they share with you that simple act of putting together a jigsaw and how much it's helped them," she said.

Osmond says studies show there are health benefits to puzzles, like calming the mind and warding off dementia and Alzheimer's.

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