From Me, To You

1000 Piece Puzzle - 28 x 20 inches

Verse on puzzle

Years pass by so quickly now 
But somethings never change 
Without hesitation or agenda
By my side you remain.
You know all my fears
You've seen my dreams come true 
We raised a glass together 
For I saw the same of you.
Life is mystifying 
An adventure of laughter and tears
Piece by piece, we built our lives
With memories to share.
Sometimes miles may separate us
And time just slips away
Yet steady as a mighty oak
Our friendship remains the same.
Tomorrow is but a mystery 
Life's journey is seldom known 
But our bond is anchored and secure
For it’s the light that guides us home.
© Natalie Ducey
Clip Art by Peace ART - Extended Licence