Lest We Forget - Printable Art

Lest We Forget - Free Printable Art (8.5 X 11 PDF file) available to download, print, and share with friends and family.

The verse was written by Natalie Ducey, Co-owner of Peace by Piece Puzzles.

It is with gratitude that Natalie and Nicole offer this printable art in remembrance of all past and present serving members of our Military. 


They answered the call
With mighty hearts they took a stand
In the pursuit of liberty
They died on foreign land.

Those that made it home
Carry a burden within their soul
More years behind them now
Yet stories remain untold.

We may never understand it
Few hearts can comprehend
The courage one must possess
To rise and take a stand.

So I ask of you this
Dear friends and family
How will you remember
This most earnest legacy?

Will you bow your head in silence?
Offer a silent prayer?
Let's honour all they've sacrificed
For the freedoms we hold dear.

© Natalie Ducey



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