Still Me

250 Piece Puzzle - 28 X 20 inches

STILL ME was written with deep respect for those living with dementia and Alzheimer's, and their dear loved ones who know the journey well. This is a message and a prayer.

Verse on puzzle

The photographs have faded
Held in hands that show my age
Memories I can't recall
Words adrift from their page.

Familiar faces are elusive
But my eyes have served me well
It's the mind that betrays me
For my stories I can't tell.

The details are out of reach
Full chapters have been erased
But I smile when we rebuild one
Together piece by piece.

My legacy is my children
And their children too
A life of treasured moments
Stay and share a memoror two.

I may not recall your name
The mind can play an unjust game
But sheltered deep within my soul
Untouched they remain.
© Natalie Ducey
Image by Seqoya  - used under Enhanced License from

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