To My Sister

1000 Piece Puzzle - 28 X 20 inches

Please note: This is a challenging puzzle to complete due to little colour contrast. Border is a solid colour. 

Verse on puzzle

To have you as my sister
Is the gift that never ends
You are my compass, my beacon
My anchor and dearest friend.

You know all my secrets
My soulful dreams and conquered fears
We share a lifetime of memories 
Keepsake moments throughout the years.

Life can alter course
Unwelcome as it may be
My soul endured and survived
For the faith you had in me.

You can somehow hold my hand
Even when we are miles apart
Distance holds no power
For you are always in my heart.

This is the bond of sisters
Who choose to be dear friends
And live a life of gratitude
With a love that knows no end.
© Natalie Ducey
Clip Art by Webvilla - The Newest Watercolour Bundle - Extended License